Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ten Below Zero

I think that pretty much covers the weather discussion here. The spout to my travel mug froze shut sitting in my truck during yesterday's riding lesson. It was in there for less than four hours. I used the industrial sized hair dryer on my mare after the lesson to ensure she was nice and dry before going back in her stall. One of the outside ponies was going to wear three blankets. Everyone got hot mash before I left. It was kind of cool to walk outside with only the moon for illumination. The snow twinkled and I was surprised at how well I could see. One of the ponies couldn't seem to wrap his head around the fact that his mash was in his dish and kept following me around trying to stick his head in my bucket. Fortunately he finally found his share.

My bird feeders are being boycotted. I ran out of black sunflower seeds for awhile. Apparently the other seeds aren't worthy of consideration. I replenished the sunflower seeds a couple of weeks ago and have yet to see a chickadee or nuthatch reappear.

I'm going to a birthday party with a girlfriend tonight. I volunteered to drive because our car has heated front seats. Whoo hoo! At least my butt will stay warm.


  1. My birdfeeders are being ignored, too. I wonder what's up with that?

  2. I was at a barn one day here and the trainer's coke was turning to slush in the bottle. I couldn't get over that kind of cold being here. I can't wait for this darn cold winter to be over.

  3. ooohhh heated seats... i LOVE mine. and yeah, i know, i live in Arizona... but hey, it's cold to ME! i was born in Phoenix in July so i don't really have BLOOD in my veins, it's just red water... and i get cold easy!