Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Nothing to See Here

Had an absolutely great riding lesson on Monday. An observer might actually think I knew what I was doing. Tucking my right elbow into my side really seemed to help my seat. At one point I was trotting standing in the stirrups, which I've done before. A new "trick" was with the horse walking and me standing in the stirrups holding my arms straight out to the sides. That one took me a couple of attempts before I could do it. It's all about balance. I also did some sitting trots without losing control. Of course I had my feet in the stirrups which helps. Riding without stirrups is when it all goes to hell in a hand basket for me. I sure do admire people who ride bareback. Maybe someday...
Ran a bunch of boring errands yesterday. Petco had plush Christmas toys on sale for 75% off so I picked up a giant candy cane. The dogs sniffed that out while I was unloading the car. I managed to retrieve it and stash it for next year.
Today should be super exciting as I hopefully will clean house. Even my husband admits we could use a maid. Wish he'd had that opinion when I was working and could actually afford one.

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