Monday, February 21, 2011

Blue Monday

A shout out to my blogging buddies who are having complications in their lives. Hope it gets better soon for all of you.

Almost hate to report that it's a beautiful sunny day here, at least for the moment. It was zero when I got up but should warm up to the twenties. I ride later - life is good.

Had my group lesson on Friday. One of the girls (literally - she's a high school student) had cracked ribs so I give her props for being there. I'd probably have been laid up in the hospital. My mare was rooting again on Friday and almost did pull me over her head the first time she did it when she caught me unawares. Supposedly horses can't root and move simultaneously but I was extra cautious when we were practicing leaning forward on their necks.

I admit that I spend too much time on the computer. My husband was complaining about me reading blogs on Saturday. My response was that I wasn't reading, I was shopping. When he asked what I was shopping for, let's just say that he doesn't agree that I need my own saddle. "Do I really need a special saddle for dressage? The stable should provide one," etc.

Later that evening I was telling him about Friday's lesson and how I think that the neck leaning is in preparation for jumping, which I in no way plan to participate in. He said I should attempt jumping, that three or four feet is no big deal. Three or four feet is a hella big deal. It's HUGE! He's still thinking with the mentality of the 12 year old boy when he had a horse.

Later, because I am inherently suspicious, it occurred to me that he's probably encouraging the jumping just so I won't pursue a dressage saddle. I'll show him. I'll tell him I need a special saddle for jumping. Ha - I win! (This is why my fellow students don't think I'm 58. Maturity in certain situations has never been my strong suit)

Re: my previous post. It did occur to me that an argument could be made such as, "Well then, why do bad things happen to those who do turn to God?" I used to drive my pastor nuts with questions like this. Of course the answer is because God's ways are not our ways but that's hard for a non-believer to swallow.


  1. 3 or 4 feet *is* a big deal. I've never done dressage or the hunter/jumper thing, just jumped over creeks and such on my horses when young.

    Even going over a small creek it's easy to become unhorsed if you haven't any training or experience. With an instructor, though... I might try it. And I'm 53. ;)

  2. Ahh - good luck on that Dressage saddle! I'm always looking for a new saddle, even a new used saddle will do ;).

    Keep working on your 2 point position, it's great for balance and stretching those heels down! 3 and 4 feet is a big jump ~ I agree!

  3. I love the way your mind works, lol. I would be doing the same thing with the saddle if I were in your shoes. You go, girl!

  4. I can't explain all kinds of colors but I'm good on the basic ones Arabians come in. That would be black, bay, chestnut and gray. Black is pretty easy, bay is any color of red/brown with black points (mane, tail bottom of legs tips of ears and muzzle) chestnut is red/brown without black points and gray is any of the other three that is losing color pigment. I also get the basic palomino and buckskin even cremello and perlino but the more detailed tones in those colors YIKES!! Sorrels, duns, and ????? all those QH colors and I'm done lost!

    Is that 3 or 4 feet for you or for him. If he's going to jump it first, then I say let him try. If not, then there's proof how big a deal it is. I know I'm not jumping that high anytime soon, or ever for that matter. LOL

    That conversation I had, included that. I was all prepared with my speech on "free will" and how "our" (meaning we fallible humans beginning in the garden) made our choice and with it brought down all that stuff onto ourselves.