Monday, February 7, 2011

Poop Rush Alaska

My ten year old German Shepherd has degenerative myelopathy. This is the fourth GSD we've owned over the years that has developed it so we're pretty experienced in how to deal with the symptoms. My husband carpeted the outside stairs to give him a better grip going up and down. Friday night he saw one of his rear legs slip into the open area between the steps (risers?) so said that we'd go outside Saturday and screw in pieces of board to block the openings. As usual, I messed around getting ready and he had most of the job done by the time I made it outside. I decided I'd better do something useful so decided to pick up poopsicles.

Has anyone watched the Gold Rush Alaska show? It's a train wreck. On one hand I kind of hope they strike it rich because they work so hard. On the other hand, they work harder not smarter and should stupidity really be rewarded? Anyway, they're always talking about striking the mother lode of gold by digging deeper into the ground. I reached the mother lode of poop when I resorted to using the ice chipper to chip it out of the snow Saturday. Too bad its worthless - we'd be rich.

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  1. You are just too funny, girl! Sounds like scooping with an ice chipper was quite productive. Here the stuff is all water logged and it just falls between the cracks or slips right off. It's a miserable job but somebody has to do it. I'm wondering why that someone is always me.