Sunday, February 13, 2011

Fancy Footwork

I forgot to report that I did try a different saddle last Monday. It was actually the one I had originally used but one of the other students uses it on Fridays so I got in the habit of using a different saddle for all of my lessons. I guess it's progress on my part to say that I could sure tell a difference in its feel. I couldn't see that it fit the horse much better. Friday I was back in my regular saddle and this time it didn't slip. What the heck?

Friday, we worked on a dressage move. I don't know what it's called but it involved the horse crossing over its rear legs. We practiced both on and off the horse. I believe "my" mare is trained to Level 3 dressage so she did it right almost every time when I was on the ground. Once I was mounted I guess the crappy rider was giving the wrong cues as she just wasn't doing it right. It's not a great sign to see my instructor sticking her tongue out after I've attempted something, and I've seen her tongue a lot. We had a couple of "almost got it" attempts but I can tell I need a lot more work. But for me, that's what riding is all about. Learning new stuff is exciting and what a rush when I finally get it right.

I loved Pea's comment about having to check each blog in the old days before Google Reader. The old days were last week for me.


  1. It's always frustrating when you know your horse knows how to do something and you can't get it done. I feel that way about flying lead changes. My horse did them years ago but I've never been able to get one from him. I don't really get it in my mind but it really should make perfect sense to me at this point. I'm just really "dumb" about them. LOL

    I remember when someone first told me about Google reader. So I know what you mean about the old days. LOL

  2. It's nice to find another dressage blog :)
    Sounds like you have a very nice horse to ride - I'm sure the work under saddle will come along nicely.
    Aren't readers great? I discovered this not long ago too. I made a dressage 'bundle' that's on my site. If you're interested you can follow all of them at once with your reader by clicking on it.

  3. Happy Valentine's Day, make sure you come over to pick up your Valentine:-)

    After I had posted my last comment to you, I thought to myself...oh ya, she was still using the old way of visiting blogs until last week! lol Just glad you are now doing it the "modern" way! hehe

    I've only been on a horse once and within 5 minutes of getting on it, it went down on its back as if something was itching...I got my legs out of the stirrups just in time! Scared the bejesus outta me and have never attempted getting back on a horse ever since then!! I admire anyone who can ride as long as it's not me:-) xoxo