Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Already?

Where did the week go? I don't think I've accomplished anything. I've had a lot of weird dreams at night. It was spring and I was transplanting my African violets outside. WTH?

Another riding lesson without stirrups on Monday. Every time I asked the mare to trot she would start to canter. Now, the first time it happened I had my leg too far back which may have encouraged her. After that she was just doing it because she wanted to. My instructor was loving it; she said I kept good posture and didn't have my hands fly up the way they used to when I felt out of control. The naughty pony was in the arena with us being ridden by one of the very experienced riders. I assume he'd been bad so was having remedial training. She was cantering him some so I wonder if that's what gave my mare the idea she was supposed to canter. I was also called out for making a clucking noise when I'm asking her to walk. So there is a habit I'm going to have to break. Apparently clucking or smooching are to increase speed (isn't walking faster than standing still?) so I should just use my legs and say, "Walk."

I ordered an equine furminator since I groom one of the fuzziest horses in the barn. She's shedding already and it's only February. We're still below zero some nights. I figure she's only going to keep losing more and more hair so I might as well combat it the best I can.

Watched a show on Animal Planet last night about the invasion of pythons, huge rats and other creepy crawlers that have been released in Florida and are reproducing at an alarming rate. Pretty scary stuff. It seems to be out of control. Sure glad snakes can't survive in Alaska.


  1. I saw that same TV show. I couldn't sleep and it was on around at 2:00 AM. I was willing to watch anything that wasn't an infomercial. At least you are dreaming of African violets instead of pythons.

  2. At least it wasn't a scary dream... flowers instead of the pythons and gators! ;)

  3. I'm glad I missed that show. If they ever get those kinds of snakes here I might have to move to Alaska. Snakes are NOT my thing!

    African violets I can live with but they sure wouldn't make it outside here. I wonder where your little psyche was travelling to come up with that. LOL Dreams can be so weird.

    I cluck for my horses to walk and to trot. Actually I cluck whenever I want them to do "more" like round up. Just goes to show that people are different and horses can live with all kinds of cues.