Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Visualizing Federal Budget Cuts



  1. I agree with Mikael on the breast collar. It might add more stress to the horses back and withers. Is there another saddle that you can try on her? Can you put your hand in the front of the saddle comfortably? Two of my horses are so round it's hard to get a saddle to 'seem' tight enough but it's their build and I have to be careful to make sure their saddles fit as well as they can.

    Good job getting around the arena without your stirrups. My balance is so poor now I don't do that too often! ha! I did ride bareback once or twice last summer and even cantered, not particularly wise of me to do so!

    I know what you mean about working at the shelters. I do okay with the cats and dogs because they are inside but with horses I would have a problem and want to blanket them all too! Or bring them all home!!!

  2. I must admit I am afraid to even click on that link. I don't know how much more stress my old heart can take.