Friday, February 11, 2011

Dazed and Confused

One of the bloggers I read mentioned that there was a way to be notified when a blogger posts a new entry. This sounded like a great feature to me as I check a bunch of blogs on a daily basis and some people only post occasionally. What a time saver. Well, I have made several attempts to access this feature and today I think I may have actually done it. I added several blogs to my "blogs I follow" list (which I never had done before) Supposedly, somehow I will be notified when one of these bloggers posts something. I have serious doubts that I did this correctly so I am holding off on adding everyone until I see if this works.

Had a blood draw for CBC yesterday. My doctor only needed to check my cholesterol but I figure the oncologist will want to check everything so I had them take a bunch of blood instead of just a finger prick. All of my doctors are on the same network so it makes it easy for them to access my entire health record. I hate having to leave the house with no coffee. I feel like a zombie.

Anyway, I sped to Costco afterwards to get carrots. I got a ten pound bag but the price had gone up so that it wasn't any cheaper than the grocery store. I guess I'll go back to buying them at Safeway. I have a lesson later today and didn't want to show up empty handed. I recently read a blogger's plea to "not feed treats to my horse" which made me paranoid so I double checked with the stable owner on Monday that it was okay to feed carrots to all the horses. She said I was fine but reiterated that they want me to not feed the treats by hand. Throwing them on the ground isn't as much fun for me but the horses don't care and I think they still associate me as "the carrot lady." They just don't want the horses to get nippy and I guess hand feeding can contribute to bad manners.

I've been perusing used dressage saddles on eBay and other places. Anybody have any advice on what to look for? I've read good reviews on Passier and there seem to be great bargains. Postage is so expensive to Alaska that it will be a major factor, especially if the saddle doesn't fit and I have to return it. I'm hoping I can find something locally to eliminate that problem.


  1. Saddle fitting makes me crazy so no help from me.

    Personally I don't think feeding treats by hand makes mippy horses. I think It's how you got about it that does. If you let them get pushy, then nippy comes next. I have stallions who are fine being hand feed carrots but then it's not your barn and they get to make the rules.

  2. I use Google reader to let me know when someone posts. Works like a charm, and also tells me how many people follow them there (and follow me). Interesting!

  3. I also use Google Reader and it's great! :)

    When feeding treats by hand just make sure to make your palm flat... saves a finger mistake. Not that fingers would taste good to a horse... lol

  4. I only hand feed on special occasions. Through the years I've found, with few exceptions, if I hand fed treats to my horses they became pushy and disrespectful.

    I observe people at my barn who hand feed their horses. Their horses are disrespectful in the cross-ties, pawing, etc., until they get a 'treat'. The horses are so affixed with being hand fed that they walk all over their owners.

    I chose to drop treats into my horses feed buckets and praise/pet them as they are eaten. To each their own, but for me, I will rarely hand feed.

  5. What kind of Passier are you looking for? I'm selling mine, but it's probably too big for you!