Friday, February 4, 2011

Got A Lotta Learning To Do

I've just had exposure to two terms I'd never heard before. Behind the Bit has a YouTube video of sidesaddle puissance. Puissance sounds like something infected and nasty but it apparently is a kind of jump-off. Then JJ posted a video of a park horse. "Park horse?" Lives in a park? Google was really no help but it seems to be an English riding discipline (and looks very cool)

I had started reading There Are No Problem Horses, Only Problem Riders by Mary Twelveponies when I was in California last fall. I opted to read a novel on the airplane and have been reading them ever since. After my great ride on Monday I decided that I need to get back to my horse book collection. I've also got two of GaWaNi PonyBoy's books about the relationship between women and horses. I'm sure most of you know this, but if you research a book on Amazon you can usually buy it new or used for a lot less money. I have actually picked up books for one cent, plus postage. I've gotten better bargains there than on eBay.

Husband is muttering about my spending too much time on computer. I know the odds are against it, especially since I have a group lesson tonight, but I'm hoping it goes as well as Monday.


  1. The term park horse did come from riding them in the park. Don't know how old the term is though but know these horses were for aristocrats. Saddleseat type horses with tons of trot. The biggest, highest trots and animated canters are the park horses.

  2. I've read all of those books too and I'm sure you'll enjoy them. I find that there is something in every horse book that is interesting and a new learning experience.