Monday, February 21, 2011

I Want A Pony

Forgot to mention the cute foal on the cover of the "Back In The Saddle" catalog I received Saturday. It's a brown and white spotted appaloosa. I'm coveting him/her.

Someday I hope to learn the difference between chestnut, bay and the thousand other colorations. Right now brown will have to do...


  1. You'll get there, one step at a time (referring to horse colors). Just remember, bay is a brown coated horse with a black mane and tail (generally speaking).

  2. I've always love the paints,palominos,grays and appaloosa's. Oh heck I love them all, it can get confusing though. That was a cute pony on the catalog.

  3. On my drive on Saturday, I passed by a boarding place for horses and there were quite a few of them outside, all different colours. Made me wish I knew which breed they all were! Knowing next to nothing about horses, they're either black, brown, grey or white! lol

    Just caught up with your last few posts and had to giggle at your husband saying you should try the jumping, that it's only 3 or 4 feet to the he trying to get rid of you??? LOL At our age that's a longggg way down!!

    Gorgeous day here today, sunny, no wind and 30F...woohoo! Anything over 0 is a heat wave right now. lol xoxo